As the effects of Covid 19 and the Russian-Ukraine war continue hitting hard on Kenyans, securing a job has become very hard. Companies are no longer employing but rather sending home some of their employees to cope up with the rising taxes imposed by the government. Unemployment has become the song of the day despite parting with millions of Kenyan shillings to get a degree. The Kenyan system needs an immediate intervention to save graduates from massive unemployment. Tabled before you is a list of the diploma courses that are more marketable than some degree courses. Take a look:

1.Diploma in pharmaceutical technology:

The need to manufacture medicine and medical equipment’s is on the rise. The industry gained a huge boast especially when the government made an affirmative action to purchase locally made drugs and equipment. With this diploma, you are very marketable in pharmaceutical companies in Kenya and can also apply for a license to open your own chemist.

2.Diploma in Architecture:

Architecture still remains on a high demand, especially in a country like Kenya where new buildings are being built daily. A good thing with this diploma is that you can easily employ yourself incase you don’t secure a formal employment.

3.Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication.

Who told you that the Industry is flooded? You don’t have to always think of working in Citizen or NTV. With this course, you can land yourself in lucrative media houses like Mpya News or the daily nation. You don’t have to appear on the national TV for your people to know that you are employed.

4.Diploma in Quantity Survey.

Issues of land and land selling are critical in the country. Every now and then land is being bought and sold. Think of it, it is not all about lands.

5.Diploma in purchasing and supplies.

Supply companies are ever in demand of these diploma holders.

6.Diploma in Nursing.

Nurses are ever on a high demand. Despite the joining conditions being high, it is almost automatic that you will secure yourself a highly paying job.

7.Diploma in Dentistry.

MKU is one of the leading Universities offering this course. There has been an acute shortage of dentists in the country. You can research more on the course and see if you are legible to pursue it.

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