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Most beautiful women in  Football Journalism have made the sport very enjoyable. There is no doubt that football is the most watched sports in the entire world. It attracts massive fans both in stadiums and those who watch via the television and other media outlets. For the sport to gain such fame across the world, it has had a big number of journalists reporting from various stadiums. This article seeks to appreciate some of the most beautiful football journalists across the world. Take a look at those who made it to our top six list.

1.Sara Carbonero.

She is one of the most beautiful women to ever grace the football arena. Sara was named the most sexiest journalist in the year 2009. She was linked the underperformance of world renown footballer Ike Casillas in the 2010 world cup although that was just a propaganda to run her career. She largely participated in the reporting of world cup results. To read more on Christiano Ronaldo and his wife expecting twins, click on https://dailyfootballupdates.com/more-babies-for-ronaldo/

Most Beautiful Women in Football Journalism

2.Laura Esposto.

She is a renown news reporter for Sky sports and other Milan football news, majoring in the Italian football.

3.Hayley Mcqueen

Hayley is no doubt a beautiful woman by all means. Her curves and beautiful body is such a scenery especially in Champions league games.

Most Beautiful Women in Football Journalism

4.Diletta Leotta

The Italian Sports journalist is such an amazing beauty. She is largely involved in the reporting of the Italian Seria A.

5.Kate Abdo

When the Bundesliga is mentioned, her name must pop in. She is one of the cute faces the Germans see during football games in various sports arena. To read more on locally based news, click on http://mpyanews.com

Most Beautiful Women in Football Journalism

6.Charlotte Jackson.

She is a worker at Sky sports limited. It seems the organization is superb in picking beauties to grace our stadiums. To return to our main website, click on http://dailyfootballupdates.com

Most Beautiful Women in Football Journalism

Most Beautiful Women in Football Journalism

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