Here is the Club that Barrack Obama Supports in the NFL and EPL: Everyone has their own soft spot. It many be in football, rugby, movies, swimming or politics. Barrack Obama is an all round American politician and the former president of the United States of America. He assumed office in 2009 at 47 years old, often being captured playing basket ball behind the corridors of the White House.

Here is the Club that Barrack Obama Supports in the NFL and EPL

During his tenure as the president, he hosted various teams at the Washington DC. He must have fallen for one of the best football clubs in the NFL. It is no secret that the former Illionois senator is a great lover and follower of the Chicago bears that plays in the NFL.

Barrack Obama has also confessed to have a soft spot for Pittsburgh Steelers. In the American baseball, he is a great supporter of the Chicago White Sox. In terms of soccer, Barrack Obama is a die-hard fan of the English premier league.

Here is the Club that Barrack Obama Supports in the NFL and EPL

In an interview, he confessed to be a fan of the West Ham football club, attending their game while in an official trip to London in 2003. Further, Obama has been a great fan of Lionel Messi and seems to admire his style of play. This however did not mean that he supported Barcelona or if it were now, Paris Saint Germain.

In the year 2017, it emerged that Barrack only followed one European club via Twitter. German Club Darmstadt84 carried the day and even invited Obama to their stadium. Thank you for reading and see you in the next exclusive article.



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