Barcelona Fc is among the richest football clubs in the world. It boasts of massive resources spread across its outstanding facilities and an excellent team of football players. The club has invested billions of money in building a world-class state of arty football stadium by the name Camp Nou. Today, we shall focus more on the stadium.

Opening dates:

The Barcelona Fc stadium was opened in 1957. It has been the home ground of the club since its inception.

Owner of the Stadium:

At times, top-flight clubs are unable to build their own facilities, hence renting one from other clubs. However, that is not the case since Barcelona Fc is the owner of the Camp Nou stadium.

The capacity of the Stadium:

The iconic stadium has a sitting capacity of 99, 354 fans.

Barcelona Fc

Record Attendance at the facility:

This section shows the highest number of fans to ever attend an event in the stadium. The record stands at 120,000 Fans in 1986 during a game that involved FC Barcelona and Juventus in the European Cup quarter-finals.

The surface of the stadium:

Surfaces vary from one stadium to another. The Barcelona Fc stadium uses the GrassMaster hybrid glass.

Barcelona Fc

Construction Cost

The club had to part with nearly 1.73 billion Euros to build the stadium and renovate it in the subsequent years.

Other Tenants of the Stadium:

The stadium is also rented by the Catalonia National football team but for just a few selected matches.



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