The office of the Attorney general is  one of the highest in the land and is usually occupied by the high and the might. For you to service in such a high ranking office, you must be well learned, skills and well versed with the laws of the land and the general system. Paul Kihara is the current Attorney General of the republic of Kenya since he was handed office by his predecessor Prof Githu Muigai.

The office of the attorney general is among the very few in the entire country that were faced with a salary slash. It is estimated that Paul Kihara earns nearly half of what his predecessor used to earn. Previously, Proff Muigai was one of the highest earning Kenyans, pocketing a lump some of 2.7 million shillings per month. However Proff Muigai left the office in March 2021 following his resignation. With a salary of kshs 2.7 million, it meant that Githu Muigai was earning more than the president.

What followed was the salary and remuneration commission slashing the salary of the holder of the office by nearly 54%, bringing it down from kshs 32.9 million per year to kshs 14.9million. This means that the current Attorney General Paul Kihara takes home kshs 1.24 million. Thanks for reading.


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