Morals are the nuts that hold together the world. Andrew Tate is not a new man in our faces, especially when issues to do with sexism are mentioned to the general public. He has been trending over the past few weeks for violating the meta platforms belonging to top social media platforms in the world.

Starting this week, Andrew Tate, the self proclaimed misogynist and online influencer has been banned from Instagram and Facebook.

Andrew Tate Biography:

He is a former kickboxer and currently a reality Tv star.

Why is Andrew Tate Famous:

He rose to the world of fame in the year 2016 when he first appeared on the Big brother show in the year 2016. However, the program had to terminate the deal with him after he was featured beating a woman.

Why was Andrew Tate Banned from Twitter?

1.He has been promoting domestic violence via his social media platforms.

2.He stated via twitter that women belong in the home.

3.He stated that rape victims should bear responsibility for their attack.

Andrew Tate Tiktok:

Additionally, Tate has been banned from Tiktok and the company is working towards removing all content that is related to him. He has been termed as a dangerous misogyny.

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