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All of Melissa Mccarthy movies arranged in order of fame

THE Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy: Melissa McCarthy has solidified her status as a comedic powerhouse in Hollywood, captivating audiences with her impeccable timing and versatile performances. From her breakout roles to her latest projects, let’s dive into the world of Melissa McCarthy movies, arranged in order of fame. Whether you’re a longtime fan or a newcomer to her work, this curated list will guide you through the highlights of her illustrious career.

1. “Bridesmaids” (2011)

Undoubtedly one of Melissa McCarthy’s most iconic roles, “Bridesmaids” catapulted her to mainstream success. Directed by Paul Feig, this comedy masterpiece showcases McCarthy’s comedic genius and earned her an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress. The film’s success paved the way for McCarthy to become a sought-after talent in Hollywood.

Melissa McCarthy

2. “Spy” (2015)

In this action-comedy directed by Paul Feig, McCarthy takes center stage as a CIA analyst thrust into the world of espionage. “Spy” received widespread acclaim for its humor and McCarthy’s ability to seamlessly blend action and comedy. The film’s success further solidified McCarthy as a leading lady capable of carrying a blockbuster.

3. “The Heat” (2013)

Teaming up with Sandra Bullock, McCarthy delivers laughs in “The Heat,” a buddy cop comedy directed by Paul Feig. The dynamic chemistry between McCarthy and Bullock adds depth to the film’s humor, making it a memorable addition to McCarthy’s filmography. “The Heat” showcases her ability to excel in ensemble casts.

4. “Ghostbusters” (2016)

In this female-led reboot of the classic franchise, McCarthy joins forces with an ensemble cast to battle supernatural forces. While the film generated mixed reviews, McCarthy’s comedic prowess remained a highlight. “Ghostbusters” stands out as a significant project that contributed to the ongoing conversation about gender diversity in Hollywood.

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5. “Identity Thief” (2013)

Paired with Jason Bateman, McCarthy stars in this comedy about a man tracking down the woman who stole his identity. “Identity Thief” showcases McCarthy’s knack for physical comedy and her ability to bring depth to her characters. The film’s commercial success further solidified McCarthy’s status as a bankable star.

6. “Can You Ever Forgive Me?” (2018)

Stepping away from her comedic roots, McCarthy earned critical acclaim for her dramatic turn in “Can You Ever Forgive Me?” Based on a true story, the film follows Lee Israel, a writer turned literary forger. McCarthy’s nuanced performance earned her an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress, showcasing her versatility as an actress.

7. “Tammy” (2014)

In “Tammy,” McCarthy takes on the role of a down-on-her-luck woman on a road trip with her grandmother. While the film received mixed reviews, McCarthy’s performance demonstrated her commitment to exploring diverse characters. “Tammy” adds a unique flavor to McCarthy’s filmography.

THE Melissa McCarthy

8. “Life of the Party” (2018)

Directed by McCarthy’s husband, Ben Falcone, “Life of the Party” follows a middle-aged woman who decides to enroll in college alongside her daughter. While the film may not have reached the heights of some of McCarthy’s other projects, it still offers lighthearted entertainment and showcases her ability to carry a film.


Melissa McCarthy’s filmography is a testament to her versatility as an actress, seamlessly transitioning between comedy and drama. From blockbuster hits to smaller gems, each movie contributes to the rich tapestry of her career. As McCarthy continues to take on diverse roles, audiences eagerly anticipate the next chapter in the cinematic journey of this extraordinary talent.