Aaron Donald’s wife is definitely one of the most beautiful ladies who are dating NFL superstars. Her looks and curvaceous body are enough to charm a soul. Today, we shall be discussing her Biography and everything you need to Know about Erica, the wife of America’s NFL superstar Aaron Donald. Aaron Charles Donald is a defensive end who plays for the Los Angeles Rams. He is a father of two. However, this article is about his wife.

Full names of Aaron Donald’s wife:

The beautiful lady goes by the name Erica Sherman Donald. She is just as gorgeous as her name.

Date of Birth

She is currently 31 years of age, having been born in 1991.

Aaron Donald's wife


She is a Christian.

Aaron Donald’s wife Social Media Handles:

Via Instagram, she has thousands of followers under the name Erika Donald.

Aaron Donald’s wife: Origin country and town.

She is a resident of California in the united states of America.

Where did the two meet?

Every love story has a genesis and the same is the case with Erica and her love Donald. The two met while Erica was working in the Community marketing for the Los Angeles Rams where Donald is an American football player.

Aaron Donald's wife

Aaron Donald’s wife: Education Background.

The cute lady is a scholar too, having graduated from Lousiana State University.

Current Occupation

Erica parted ways with the Los Angeles club and is currently the vice president of the Athlete Partnerships for game 1. This company has a main focus on Hollywood production. Erica couples up as Donald’s personal marketing manager. Isn’t that cute? Those are real couple goals.


She has one sister.


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