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6 Glamorous Red Carpet Moments by Celine Dion

Celine Dion: 2017 Billboard Music Awards

Celine Dion: Celine Dion, the Canadian powerhouse vocalist, is not just known for her five-octave range and iconic hits like “My Heart Will Go On” and “The Power of Love.” She’s also a bonafide fashion icon, slaying red carpets with looks that are equal parts daring, elegant, and unforgettable. From head-turning gowns to sparkling jumpsuits, Dion embraces fashion as a form of artistic expression, never shying away from bold choices that reflect her inner diva. Let’s delve into seven of her most glamorous red carpet-moments that solidified her status as a queen of both fashion and song.

1. 1993 American Music Awards: Versace’s Red Hot Romance: Celine Dion

Celine Dion turned up the heat at the 1993 American Music Awards in a show-stopping red Versace gown. The dress featured a daring slit and strategically placed cutouts that hugged her curves, exuding confidence and sensuality. With her then-brunette hair styled in a sleek updo and bold red lips, Dion owned the red carpet, reminding everyone that she wasn’t just a ballad singer but a force to be reckoned with.

Celine Dion at the 1993 American Music Awards

2. 1999 Grammy Awards: Glittering Goddess in Versace

Dion embraced her inner disco queen at the 1999 Grammy Awards, dazzling in a silver sequined Versace dress. The figure-hugging gown cascaded down her frame, catching the light with every move. Paired with her signature voluminous blonde hair and dramatic eye makeup, this look was pure Studio 54 glam, proving that Dion could rock any style with her infectious charisma.

3. 2007 Met Gala: Couture Chic in Elie Saab: Celine Dion

Celine Dion transformed into a Greek goddess at the 2007 Met Gala, draped in a breathtaking gold Elie Saab gown. The one-shoulder design, embellished with intricate beading and draping, exuded an air of timeless elegance. With her hair pulled back in a sleek bun and minimal jewelry, Dion let the gown take center stage, proving that sometimes, simplicity is the most powerful statement.

Celine Dio at the  Met Gala

4. 2017 Billboard Music Awards: Feathers and Flair in Stéphane Rolland

Dion proved that age is just a number at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards, strutting her stuff in a feathered masterpiece by Stéphane Rolland. The black gown, adorned with cascading ostrich feathers, was a masterclass in avant-garde couture. With her hair styled in a dramatic updo and smoky eye makeup, Dion exuded a fierce confidence that left everyone speechless.

Celine Dion: 2017 Billboard Music Awards

5. 2019 Met Gala: Gilded Goddess in Iris van Herpen: Celine Dion

Celine Dion embraced the “Camp: Notes on Fashion” theme of the 2019 Met Gala with a truly outrageous look. Her Iris van Herpen gown was a work of art, featuring a gold-embroidered bodice with exaggerated shoulders and a flowing skirt that resembled molten lava. With her hair styled in a gravity-defying updo and dramatic makeup, Dion was the epitome of avant-garde extravagance, proving that she’s not afraid to push boundaries and make a statement.

6. 2020 Paris Fashion Week: A Couture Chameleon in Schiaparelli and Giambattista Valli

Dion’s chameleon-like fashion sense was on full display during Paris Fashion Week 2020. She started the week in a whimsical Schiaparelli dress adorned with oversized lobster bibs, then switched gears for a romantic Giambattista Valli gown with layers of cascading tulle. This diverse display showcased Dion’s ability to rock any style, from quirky and playful to ethereal and romantic.