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5 ways to make money using once upon a child

Once Upon a Child

Once Upon a Child: Once Upon a Child is a popular franchise that specializes in selling gently used children’s clothing, toys, and baby gear. While it’s a fantastic place for parents to save money on kids’ essentials, it’s also a treasure trove for savvy individuals looking to make some extra cash. In this article, we’ll explore five SEO-optimized ways to make money using Once Upon a Child.

Selling Your Kids’ Outgrown Items:

One of the most straightforward ways to make money with Once Upon a Child is by selling your own children’s outgrown items. As kids grow, their clothing, toys, and gear quickly become obsolete. Instead of letting these items gather dust, gather them up, ensure they’re clean and in good condition, and bring them to your nearest Once Upon a Child store. They pay cash on the spot for items they accept, making it a hassle-free way to declutter and earn money.

THE Once Upon a Child

Thrifting and Flipping: Once Upon a Child

Once Upon a Child is not only a place to sell but also a place to buy. Savvy thrifters can find excellent deals on high-quality children’s items, which can then be resold for a profit. Look for brand-name clothing, rare toys, or vintage baby gear that might catch the eye of collectors. Online marketplaces like eBay and Facebook Marketplace can be excellent platforms to sell your thrifted finds at a higher price point.

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If you have a knack for curating a selection of quality children’s items, consider consigning your goods at Once Upon a Child. Consignment allows you to display your items in-store, and you’ll receive a percentage of the final selling price when your items are purchased. This can be a great way to turn your passion for bargain hunting into a side hustle.

Hosting Garage Sales: Once Upon a Child

If you have a substantial collection of children’s items, you can host a garage sale or yard sale featuring the items you no longer need. This can be a fantastic opportunity to make money by selling items in bulk. Plus, Once Upon a Child can be a valuable partner in this endeavor. You can use their pricing as a reference point, ensuring that you’re offering competitive rates to attract buyers.

Becoming a Once Upon a Child Franchisee:

If you’re looking for a more substantial and long-term business opportunity, consider becoming a Once Upon a Child franchisee. Owning a Once Upon a Child store allows you to tap into the growing market for gently used children’s items and can be a lucrative venture. However, keep in mind that this option requires a significant investment and commitment.

Once Upon a Child


Once Upon a Child offers numerous opportunities for individuals to make money, whether it’s selling your children’s outgrown items, thrifting and flipping, consigning, hosting garage sales, or even considering franchise ownership. It’s a versatile platform that caters to both buyers and sellers, making it an excellent choice for those looking to enter the world of children’s resale. So, start exploring the potential within your local Once Upon a Child store and turn your children’s gently used items into cash today!