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5 of the Coolest Men’s Outfits at the Oscars 2024

Colman Domingo at the Oscars 2024

Oscars 2024: Welcome to my blog again, In this blog we will talk about the coolest Men’s Outfits at the Oscars 2024. I can say that even men like to show their fashion style on the red carpet. At the Oscars 2024, It was not exceptional.

1. Colman Domingo.

I can tell that at the 2024 Oscars ward, Colman Domingo looked good in a Louis Vuitton suit, accessorized with an Omega watch and David Yurman Jewelry. He looked good and everyone liked his outfit.

Colman Domingo at the Oscars 2024

2. Cillian Murphy.

Cillian Murphy looked nice in a nice power suit with shiny shoes and he also wore an Omega watch. He looked good in the power suit. As for me, I can say that the red carpet is where all celebrities tend to show off their style of wearing including Men.

 3. Robert Downey Jr.

At the 2024 Oscars, Robert Downey Jr. wore a Saint Laurent Suit. He looked nice. The suit’s design was good.

Robert Downey Jr looks nice

4. Matt Bomer.

Another man who looked good was Matt Bomer. He wore a black suit with a white shirt from Brunello Cucinelli. He looked good.

Matt Bomer at the Oscars 2024

5. Teo Yoo.

I can say that Teo Yoo looked perfect when he wore a Louis Vuitton suit and a tortoise-shaped brooch in honor of his late pet tortoise, Momo. He looked nice.