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27 movies acted by c Thomas Howell in order of their popularity

c thomas howell

C. Thomas Howell: C. Thomas Howell, a versatile and talented actor, has graced the silver screen with his presence for decades. From his breakout role in “The Outsiders” to his more recent work, Howell has consistently delivered captivating performances. In this article, we will delve into his impressive filmography, listing 27 of his most popular movies in order of their popularity. Join us on this cinematic journey through the career of C. Thomas Howell.

  1. The Outsiders (1983):

    • Popularity: A Classic
    • Howell’s breakthrough role as Ponyboy Curtis in this iconic coming-of-age drama directed by Francis Ford Coppola is still cherished by fans today. The film boasts a star-studded cast and a timeless story.
  2. Red Dawn (1984):

    • Popularity: An ’80s Action Staple
    • Howell played Robert, one of the young freedom fighters in this action-packed tale of survival during a Soviet invasion of the United States.                                                                          c thomas howell
  3. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982):

    • Popularity: A Sci-Fi Classic
    • While not a leading role, Howell’s appearance in Steven Spielberg’s masterpiece is memorable. He played one of the young friends of the titular alien.
  4. Soul Man (1986):

    • Popularity: A Cult Comedy
    • In this controversial comedy, Howell portrayed a young man who impersonates an African American to secure a scholarship. The film remains a conversation starter.
  5. Secret Admirer (1985):

    • Popularity: ’80s Teen Romance
    • Howell starred as Michael in this romantic comedy about a high school student who receives a love letter from an anonymous admirer.
  6. The Hitcher (1986):

    • Popularity: A Thrilling Ride
    • Howell took on the role of Jim Halsey, a man who picks up a hitchhiker with deadly consequences. This suspenseful thriller is still remembered for its tension.
  7. Tank (1984):

    • Popularity: A Military Comedy
    • Howell played the son of James Garner’s character in this comedic film about a father-son duo taking on a corrupt sheriff.
  8. Side Out (1990):

    • Popularity: A Beach Volleyball Flick
    • Howell starred as Monroe Clark in this sports drama centered around beach volleyball, blending sports action and drama effectively.
  9. Gettysburg (1993):

    • Popularity: Epic Historical Drama
    • Howell portrayed Lieutenant Thomas Chamberlain in this Civil War epic, delivering a remarkable performance in a critically acclaimed film.
  10. The Amazing Panda Adventure (1995):

    • Popularity: Family-Friendly Adventure
    • Howell’s role in this heartwarming family film showcased his versatility as an actor, appealing to a younger audience.
  11. The Hillside Strangler (2004):

    • Popularity: A Crime Thriller
    • Howell took on a challenging role as Kenneth Bianchi, one of the infamous Hillside Stranglers, in this intense crime drama.
  12. Kindergarten Cop (1990):

    • Popularity: Classic Schwarzenegger Comedy
    • Howell appeared alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in this comedy, adding his own charm to the ensemble cast.
  13. The Return of the Musketeers (1989):

    • Popularity: Swashbuckling Adventure
    • Howell joined the Musketeers as Raoul in this action-packed sequel, bringing his charisma to the historical adventure.
  14. A Killer Within (2004):

    • Popularity: Psychological Thriller
    • Howell delivered a gripping performance as Stan in this psychological thriller, which keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.                                                                                              THE c thomas howell
  15. God’s Not Dead: A Light in Darkness (2018):

    • Popularity: Faith-Based Drama
    • In this faith-based film, Howell played a significant role, exploring themes of faith, redemption, and hope.
  16. The Land That Time Forgot (2009):

    • Popularity: Adventure Sci-Fi
    • Howell took on the lead role of Captain Jason in this sci-fi adventure set on a mysterious island filled with prehistoric creatures.
  17. Justice (2017):

    • Popularity: Crime Drama
    • Howell starred as Sheriff Stevens in this gritty crime drama, showcasing his ability to tackle complex characters.
  18. Southland (2009-2013):

    • Popularity: TV Series
    • Howell appeared in the popular TV series “Southland,” portraying Officer Dewey Dudek, a role that added depth to the show’s ensemble cast.
  19. The Outsiders: The Complete Novel (2005):

    • Popularity: Extended Version
    • Howell returned to his iconic role as Ponyboy Curtis in this extended version of “The Outsiders.”
  20. That Night (1992):

    • Popularity: A Coming-of-Age Drama
    • Howell starred alongside Juliette Lewis in this heartfelt coming-of-age drama that explores the complexities of young love.
  21. Payback (1995):

    • Popularity: Action Thriller
    • Howell played Kersey, a character who seeks revenge in this fast-paced action thriller.
  22. Tiger Warsaw (1988):

    • Popularity: Family Drama
    • Howell portrayed Chuck ‘Tiger’ Warsaw in this family drama, exploring themes of forgiveness and redemption.
  23. Hidalgo (2004):

    • Popularity: Adventure Western
    • Howell had a supporting role in this epic Western adventure alongside Viggo Mortensen, adding depth to the ensemble cast.
  24. The Hillside Strangler (2004):

    • Popularity: A Crime Thriller
    • Howell took on a challenging role as Kenneth Bianchi, one of the infamous Hillside Stranglers, in this intense crime drama.                                                                                                FOR c thomas howell
  25. Deadly Dispatch (2019):

    • Popularity: Thriller
    • Howell starred as Detective Adams in this suspenseful thriller, showcasing his talent in the genre.
  26. Mutant Vampire Zombies from the ‘Hood! (2008):

    • Popularity: Cult Horror-Comedy
    • In this tongue-in-cheek horror-comedy, Howell’s appearance added a touch of humor to the zombie apocalypse.
  27. War of the Worlds: Goliath (2012):

    • Popularity: Animated Sci-Fi
    • Howell lent his voice to the animated character of Eric Wells in this unique take on H.G. Wells’ classic story.


C. Thomas Howell’s filmography is a testament to his versatility as an actor. From classic ’80s films to thought-provoking dramas, Howell has left his mark on the world of cinema. Whether you’re a fan of action, drama, or comedy, there’s a C. Thomas Howell film for everyone. So, grab some popcorn and start exploring the cinematic world of this talented actor.



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