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23 Rather Uncommon Facts About Princess Margaret

Princess Margaret looks good

Princess Margaret: Princess Margaret, the younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II, led a life that was often overshadowed by her elder sister’s royal duties. However, behind the scenes, Princess Margaret had a personality and a story uniquely her own. Here are 23 rather uncommon facts that shed light on the intriguing life of Princess Margaret.

Princess Margaret

1. Born a Royal Rebel

Margaret Rose, as she was originally named, was known for her rebellious spirit from an early age. Unlike her sister, who was always destined for the throne, Margaret faced fewer expectations, allowing her to live a more unconventional life.

2. Artistic Pursuits

Margaret had a passion for the arts and was a skilled pianist. She was also known to dabble in painting, with some of her works exhibited under a pseudonym.

3. Love at First Sight

Her love story with Group Captain Peter Townsend was considered scandalous as he was a divorced man. Despite facing societal and royal pressures, Margaret and Townsend fell in love. However, due to the Church of England’s stance on divorce, Margaret eventually had to abandon the idea of marrying him.

4. Fashion Icon

Princess Margaret was a style icon of her time. Her fashion choices, characterized by elegance and sophistication, influenced many and are still celebrated today.

5. Marriage to Lord Snowdon

Margaret’s marriage to Antony Armstrong-Jones, later known as Lord Snowdon, marked the first time in over four centuries that a royal princess had married a commoner. The union, however, ended in divorce, making Margaret the first royal to go through such a process since Henry VIII.

Princess Margaret looks good

6. Partying with Celebrities

Princess Margaret was often seen in the company of celebrities, including the likes of Mick Jagger and Peter Sellers. Her social circle was diverse and unconventional, adding a touch of glamour to her royal image.

7. Chain Smoker

Margaret was a heavy smoker, and her love for cigarettes was well-documented. Her fondness for smoking became a defining characteristic, and she was often photographed with a cigarette in hand.

8. Island Escape

In 1960, Margaret and her then-husband, Lord Snowdon, embarked on a Caribbean tour. They fell in love with the island of Mustique, eventually acquiring a property there. Mustique became the princess’s sanctuary away from the prying eyes of the public.

Princess Margaret looks good

9. Lord of the Dance

Margaret enjoyed dancing and was particularly fond of the cha-cha. She often showcased her dance moves at royal events, adding a touch of vivacity to the formal affairs.

10. Fashion Faux Pas

Known for her impeccable style, Margaret, on one occasion, wore a controversial gown to a White House dinner, drawing criticism for its low neckline. The incident sparked a brief scandal in the media.

11. Proud Mother

Despite facing challenges in her personal life, Margaret was a devoted mother to her two children, David and Sarah. She ensured they had a semblance of normalcy despite the royal constraints.

12. Tragic Divorce

Princess Margaret’s divorce from Lord Snowdon in 1978 marked a significant moment in royal history. The dissolution of their marriage was the first royal divorce since Queen Victoria’s granddaughter, Princess Victoria, in 1901.

13. Margaret’s Musical Affair

Margaret had a close friendship with British musician and actor Anthony Armstrong-Jones before they married. Their shared love for the arts and music played a role in the initial attraction between the two.

14. Hidden Talents

Apart from her artistic talents, Margaret was a capable mimic. She could imitate accents and voices with precision, showcasing a more playful side of her personality.

15. Regular Jet-Setter

Margaret loved to travel, and her jet-setting lifestyle took her to various parts of the world. Her travels often involved mingling with the international elite, further solidifying her status as a glamorous royal figure.

16. Avid Reader

Princess Margaret was an avid reader and had a keen interest in literature. She was known to frequent bookshops and had a substantial personal library.

17. Famous Quotes

Margaret was known for her witty and often sharp remarks. Her memorable quotes, delivered with a touch of sarcasm, are still quoted and referenced today.

18. Ballet Enthusiast

Margaret was passionate about ballet and supported various ballet companies. Her interest in the arts extended to dance, and she often attended performances with enthusiasm.

19. Disrupted Succession Line

At the time of Margaret’s birth, she was sixth in line to the throne. As her sister Elizabeth had children, Margaret’s position in the line of succession gradually moved down, but her birth initially had an impact on the royal succession.

20. Failed Television Venture

In the 1970s, Princess Margaret attempted to break new ground by hosting a television documentary series called “The Americanization of Emily.” The project was met with mixed reviews and was not as successful as anticipated.

21. Post-Divorce Title

After her divorce, Margaret was allowed to retain her royal title, becoming known as “Her Royal Highness The Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon.”

22. Health Struggles

In her later years, Princess Margaret faced health issues, including a series of strokes. Her declining health led to a more secluded life, away from the public eye.

23. Final Resting Place

Princess Margaret passed away on February 9, 2002, at the age of 71. She was cremated, and her ashes were placed in the tomb of her parents, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle.

Princess Margaret’s life was a fascinating blend of tradition and modernity, and these uncommon facts offer a glimpse into the intriguing personality behind the royal façade.