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22 best movies of Dorothy Lyman

Dorothy Lyman

Dorothy Lyman: Dorothy Lyman is a prolific actress, director, and playwright whose career spans several decades in the entertainment industry. While she may not be a household name like some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, Lyman has made a significant impact on both stage and screen. Her work has earned her critical acclaim and a dedicated following of fans. In this article, we’ll explore 22 of the best movies in which Dorothy Lyman has appeared, showcasing her talent and versatility.

Dorothy Lyman

1.Wishful Drinking (2010): Dorothy Lyman

– In this documentary, Lyman appears alongside the legendary Carrie Fisher, offering an insightful look into Fisher’s life and struggles.

2.The Great Wall Is a Great Wall (1986)

– A comedy-drama that explores the cultural clash between an American family and the Chinese culture as they live in Beijing.

3.The Trial of Bernhard Goetz (1988)

– Lyman delivers a standout performance in this courtroom drama, portraying the mother of a man who shoots four teenagers on a New York City subway.

4.Blind Alleys (1985)

– A made-for-TV drama where Lyman takes on the role of Diane Lawrence, a woman who becomes involved in a life-threatening political conspiracy.

5.You Are the Jury (1986): Dorothy Lyman

– A television movie in which Lyman plays a significant role, exploring the dynamics of a courtroom trial where the audience acts as the jury.

Dorothy Lyman you are the jury (1986)

6.American Playhouse: The Skin of Our Teeth (1983)

– Lyman appears in this adaptation of Thornton Wilder’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play, which explores the resilience of the human spirit.

7.Tapeheads (1988)

– A quirky comedy in which Lyman portrays a record executive, adding her unique charm to the film.

8.To Catch a Killer (1992)

– A gripping thriller where Lyman takes on the role of Gacy’s first wife in a story centered around the real-life serial killer John Wayne Gacy.

9.To Grandmother’s House We Go (1992): Dorothy Lyman

– Lyman stars alongside the Olsen twins in this family comedy, providing a dose of humor and heartwarming moments.

Dorothy Lyman To Grandmother's House we Go

10.A Mother’s Revenge (1993)

– A thriller in which Lyman plays the mother of a daughter who goes missing, leading to a suspenseful quest for answers.

11.The Siege at Ruby Ridge (1996)

– Lyman appears in this TV movie, offering a nuanced portrayal in a drama based on real events involving a standoff between a family and federal agents.

12.A Walton Thanksgiving Reunion (1993)

– For fans of “The Waltons,” this reunion movie brings back the beloved characters, including Lyman’s role as Olivia Walton.

13.Class of ’96 (1993): Dorothy Lyman

– A short-lived television series, Lyman plays the Dean of Students at an elite college, adding her touch to the campus drama.

14.Bellyfruit (1999)

– A dramatic film exploring the struggles of teenage pregnancy, where Lyman delivers a moving performance as a compassionate nurse.

15.Those Secrets (1992)

– A poignant drama where Lyman takes on the role of an aunt who reveals a family’s secrets, uncovering a deep and emotional narrative.

16.Jack and His Friends (1979)

– A coming-of-age film that explores the ups and downs of friendship, with Lyman in a supporting role.

17.Barn Burning (1980): Dorothy Lyman

– Lyman plays the mother of the protagonist in this television adaptation of William Faulkner’s short story, offering a compelling performance.

18.Haywire (1980)

– A TV movie in which Lyman is a part of a star-studded cast, providing a memorable performance in a crime drama.

19.Sweet Revenge (1984)

– Lyman plays a pivotal role in this thriller where a woman seeks justice after being wronged by her husband.

20.Staying Afloat (1993)

– A comedy series in which Lyman portrays a mother trying to keep her family together after her husband’s sudden death.

21.Falling for You (1995): Dorothy Lyman

– A TV movie featuring Lyman as a judge in a story that combines romance and courtroom drama.

22.Step by Step (1991-1998)

– Last but not least, Lyman’s recurring role as the mother-in-law in this popular family sitcom solidified her place in the hearts of viewers.

Dorothy Lyman’s diverse filmography includes a wide range of genres and roles, showcasing her ability to tackle both drama and comedy. Her work in television movies and series has resonated with audiences over the years, earning her a dedicated following. While she may not have reached the same level of fame as some of her peers, her talent and contributions to the entertainment industry are undeniable.




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