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21 best websites to learn translation for free


Translation: Are you interested in the fascinating world of translation? Whether you aspire to become a professional translator, enhance your language skills, or simply explore the art of bridging cultural gaps, there are numerous free online resources available to help you achieve your goals. In this article, we’ll explore the 21 best websites where you can learn translating for free, all while optimizing your language abilities and cultural understanding.

1.Duolingo ( Translation

Duolingo offers courses in multiple languages, including many that are widely used for translating work. It’s a great starting point to build a solid foundation in your target language.

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2.BBC Languages (

The BBC provides comprehensive language learning resources with a focus on grammar and vocabulary, which are essential for translating.

3. Coursera (

Coursera offers free courses on translating and interpretation from top universities and institutions around the world. You can audit these courses for free.

4. MIT OpenCourseWare ( Translation

MIT’s OpenCourseWare platform features free courses on translating and linguistic studies.

5. Memrise (

Memrise is known for its engaging language courses, helping learners develop their language skills for translating purposes.

6. Babbel (

Babbel provides free language lessons that focus on practical conversation skills, which can be crucial in the translation process.

7. Open Culture ( Translation

Open Culture offers a collection of free language resources, including textbooks and courses, to improve your language proficiency.

8. Internet Polyglot (

This platform gamifies language learning, making it fun and effective for translating.

9. Google Translate Community (

Participate in Google Translate’s community, where you can contribute translations and learn from other translators.

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10. Lang-8 ( Translation

Lang-8 is a language exchange platform where you can write in your target language and receive corrections from native speakers.

11. Forvo (

Forvo is a pronunciation guide where you can listen to native speakers pronouncing words in various languages, aiding your translation accuracy.

12. WordReference ( Translation

This online dictionary is a valuable tool for translators, offering definitions, synonyms, and forums for language queries.

13. TranslatorsCafe (

TranslatorsCafe provides forums, dictionaries, and job listings, making it a hub for aspiring and professional translators.

14. TED Talks ( Translation

Explore TED Talks in your target language to improve your listening skills and cultural understanding.

15. BBC News (

Reading news articles in your target language on BBC can help you stay updated and enhance your translating capabilities.

16. Tatoeba ( Translation

Tatoeba is a collaborative translation project that offers a vast database of sentences translated into multiple languages.

17. Lingro (

Lingro allows you to turn any webpage into an interactive language-learning resource by clicking on words to get translations.

18. SpanishDict (

If you’re learning Spanish, SpanishDict is an excellent resource for translation, grammar, and vocabulary.


19. ( Translation

This online multilingual dictionary is a valuable reference for various languages.

20. LanguageTool (

LanguageTool is an open-source grammar and style checker that can assist in proofreading translations.

21. ( Translation

As the name suggests, this website offers free services and tools to help you with your language projects.


Learning translation is a rewarding journey, and these 21 websites will be your trusted companions along the way. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced at translating looking to sharpen your skills, the resources listed here cover everything from language basics to advanced translating techniques.