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19 best restaurants that sell Thai food near me(Michigan state)

THE thai food near me

Thai food near me: Michigan State is a diverse and vibrant region, home to a wide range of culinary experiences. For those who have a hankering for delicious Thai cuisine, you’re in luck. Whether you’re a local resident or just passing through, we’ve compiled a list of the 19 best Thai restaurants that you can find near you in Michigan State. Get ready to embark on a flavorful journey through these authentic Thai eateries.

1. Bangkok Flavor

Located in Lansing, Bangkok Flavor is renowned for its authentic Thai dishes and friendly atmosphere. Their menu boasts a wide variety of options to satisfy every Thai food lover’s cravings.

2. Sukhothai

Situated in Grand Rapids, Sukhothai offers a menu filled with traditional Thai flavors. Their pad Thai and green curry are among the favorites.

thai food near me

3. Thai Princess

Traverse City’s Thai Princess serves up a royal Thai dining experience. Their Tom Kha soup and Massaman curry are must-tries.

4. Bangkok House and Shanghai House

Located in Kalamazoo, this restaurant offers both Thai and Chinese cuisine. It’s perfect for those dining with a diverse group of taste preferences.

5. Blue Elephant

This cozy Thai spot in Plymouth is known for its generous portion sizes and bold flavors. Their pineapple fried rice and Thai basil dishes are highly recommended.

6. Siam Cafe

In East Lansing, Siam Cafe offers a fusion of Thai and Vietnamese dishes. Their pho and pad see ew are crowd-pleasers.

7. Bangkok Taste

Head over to Ann Arbor to savor the delicious dishes at Bangkok Taste. Their panang curry and mango sticky rice are heavenly.

8. Lan City Handmade Noodles

This hidden gem in Madison Heights specializes in both Thai and Chinese noodle dishes. The handmade noodles are a highlight.

THE thai food near me

9. Pad Thai Restaurant

Located in Ann Arbor, Pad Thai Restaurant is famous for its flavorful pad Thai and green curry. The cozy ambiance adds to the dining experience.

10. Royal Thai

In Midland, Royal Thai offers a regal dining experience with a menu featuring classic Thai dishes like red curry and Tom Yum soup.

11. Thai Orchid Cuisine

Thai Orchid Cuisine in Traverse City is known for its authentic Thai flavors. Their red curry and larb salad are exceptional.

12. Sweet Lorraine’s Cafe & Bar

This Southfield gem offers Thai-inspired dishes alongside American classics. Try their Thai chicken wrap for a unique twist.

13. Thai House Express

Located in Lansing, Thai House Express is perfect for a quick and delicious Thai meal. Their crispy spring rolls and pineapple fried rice are highly regarded.

14. Sawasdee Thai Restaurant

In Royal Oak, Sawasdee Thai Restaurant boasts an extensive menu with an array of seafood dishes and a delightful dessert selection.

15. Thai Street Kitchen

This food truck, often found at various locations in Detroit, offers mouthwatering Thai street food, including pad Thai and green curry.

16. Rama Thai Kitchen

Visit Ypsilanti to indulge in Rama Thai Kitchen’s menu of traditional Thai dishes. Don’t miss their spicy basil stir-fry.

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17. Thai Vylai

Situated in Ann Arbor, Thai Vylai is a family-owned restaurant known for its friendly service and delectable Thai cuisine.

18. Lotus Thai House

Located in Warren, Lotus Thai House is praised for its extensive vegan and vegetarian options, as well as its aromatic curries.

19. Thai Bistro

Thai Bistro in Troy offers a diverse range of Thai dishes, from their refreshing papaya salad to their rich and creamy green curry.


Michigan State is a treasure trove of Thai culinary delights. Whether you’re in Lansing, Ann Arbor, or anywhere in between, you’re sure to find a Thai restaurant that will transport your taste buds to the vibrant streets of Thailand. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore these 19 best Thai restaurants in Michigan State, each offering its unique blend of flavors and atmosphere that will leave you craving more. Enjoy your Thai food adventure!