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11 Uncommon Facts About David Tennant

David Tennant

David Tennant: David Tennant, the beloved Scottish actor, needs no introduction. From his iconic portrayal of the Tenth Doctor in “Doctor Who” to his acclaimed performances in theater and on-screen, he’s carved his name in pop culture history. But beyond the fame, there lies a man with fascinating layers waiting to be peeled back. So, here are 11 uncommon facts about David Tennant that might surprise you:

David Tennant

1. He Almost Had a Different Name:

Born David John McDonald, he adopted the stage name “Tennant” as a tribute to his grandfather, a singer he deeply admired. This artistic spirit runs in the family, as his son Ty already boasts acting credits too!

2. Shakespearean Stage Fright:

Despite his theatrical success, Tennant once admitted to battling severe stage fright when performing Shakespeare. During his Royal Shakespeare Company days, he even contemplated leaving the stage altogether! Thankfully, he persevered, gifting us his captivating portrayals of Hamlet, Romeo, and more.

3. Musical Maestro:

Did you know Tennant possesses a beautiful singing voice? He trained musically from a young age and showcased his talent in productions like “As You Like It” and the animated film “How to Train Your Dragon.” He even released a charity single, “The Way We Are,” alongside Billie Piper, his “Doctor Who” co-star.

David Tennant looks nice

4. Award-Winning Audiobook Narrator:

Beyond the screen, Tennant has found acclaim narrating audiobooks. His captivating voice has brought life to classics like “The Lord of the Rings” and “Neverwhere,” earning him several awards, including the prestigious Audie Award.

5. From Doctor to Detective:

Tennant’s detective prowess extends beyond his role as DI Alec Hardy in “Broadchurch.” He’s a huge fan of Agatha Christie and even portrayed the iconic Hercule Poirot in a stage adaptation of “Black Coffee.”

6. Foodie Fun Facts:

When he’s not busy acting, Tennant enjoys cooking. He even participated in a celebrity edition of “Ready Steady Cook,” showcasing his culinary skills. Bonus fact: he’s a big fan of haggis, a traditional Scottish dish.

7. Royal Recognition:

Tennant’s contributions to the arts were acknowledged by Queen Elizabeth II in 2011 when he was appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for his services to drama.

8. Doctor Who Superfan:

Before landing the coveted role of the Tenth Doctor, Tennant was a lifelong “Doctor Who” fan. He even wrote fan fiction as a teenager! Talk about living the dream!

David Tennant in a power suit

9. Activism and Advocacy:

Tennant is passionate about various causes, including human rights and climate change. He actively supports charities like UNICEF and uses his platform to raise awareness for important issues.

10. Marathon Man:

In 2010, Tennant pushed his limits by running the London Marathon to raise money for the National Theatre Scotland. He completed the challenging 26.2-mile course in an impressive 4 hours and 46 minutes.

11. Fatherhood First:

Despite his busy career, Tennant prioritizes his family life. He shares a close bond with his wife Georgia Tennant and their children, often keeping his private life out of the spotlight.

These are just a few uncommon facts that offer a glimpse into the multifaceted life of David Tennant. Beyond the Doctor, lies a talented actor, singer, voice artist, bookworm, foodie, and dedicated family man. His passion for his craft and his genuine personality continue to endear him to audiences worldwide. So, the next time you see David Tennant, remember, there’s more to him than meets the eye!