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11 Most flirty golf outfits by Katie Sigmond


Katie Sigmond: Golf, traditionally known for its strict dress codes and conservative attire, has witnessed a fashion revolution in recent years. Katie Sigmond, a trailblazing designer, has redefined golf fashion with her collection of flirty and stylish golf outfits. Breaking away from the conventional, Sigmond’s creations seamlessly blend elegance with a touch of playfulness, allowing golf enthusiasts to express their personalities on the greens. In this blog post, we’ll explore the 11 most flirty golf outfits by Katie Sigmond that have taken the golfing world by storm.


  1. The Classic Floral Delight:

Katie Sigmond’s Classic Floral Delight outfit introduces a burst of color to the golf course. The floral-patterned skort paired with a coordinating sleeveless polo brings a refreshing and feminine touch to the traditional golf attire. This outfit not only turns heads but also allows golfers to embrace their love for florals without compromising on performance.

  1. Striped Sophistication:

For those who appreciate timeless elegance, Katie Sigmond’s Striped Sophistication outfit is a perfect choice. The striped golf dress effortlessly combines sophistication with a hint of flirtiness. The dress’s A-line silhouette enhances movement, ensuring comfort and style go hand in hand on the golf course.

  1. Playful Polka Dots:

Sigmond’s Playful Polka Dots ensemble adds a playful twist to golf fashion. The polka-dotted skort paired with a solid-colored collared shirt creates a fun and youthful look. This outfit is a celebration of individuality, allowing golfers to showcase their personality with a touch of whimsy.

  1. Modern Monochrome:

Breaking away from the conventional color palette, Katie Sigmond’s Modern Monochrome outfit redefines chic on the golf course. The monochromatic skort and matching top exude sophistication while maintaining a flirty and contemporary vibe. It’s an ideal choice for golfers who want to make a bold statement with their attire.


  1. Sporty Chic:

For the active and adventurous golfer, the Sporty Chic ensemble by Katie Sigmond is a game-changer. The fitted shorts paired with a sporty tank top create a dynamic and energetic look. This outfit seamlessly blends performance and style, allowing golfers to move freely while looking effortlessly chic.

  1. Ruffled Elegance:

Sigmond’s Ruffled Elegance outfit adds a touch of romance to the golf course. The ruffled skort paired with a fitted polo creates a feminine and sophisticated look. This outfit is a testament to Katie Sigmond’s ability to blend traditional golf attire with modern trends.

  1. Bold Print Statement:

For those who dare to stand out, the Bold Print Statement outfit by Katie Sigmond is the go-to choice. The vibrant and eye-catching prints on the skort and top make a bold statement without compromising on the functionality required for a successful round of golf.

  1. Vintage Vibes:

Katie Sigmond’s Vintage Vibes outfit pays homage to the classic styles of yesteryears. The high-waisted shorts paired with a retro-inspired polo create a timeless and elegant look. This outfit is perfect for golfers who appreciate the charm of vintage fashion.

  1. Tropical Paradise:

Transport yourself to a tropical paradise with Katie Sigmond’s aptly named outfit. The tropical-printed skort paired with a solid-colored top brings a touch of vacation vibes to the golf course. It’s a delightful choice for those looking to infuse a bit of sunshine into their golfing experience.

  1. Denim Dreams:

Sigmond’s Denim Dreams outfit challenges the norms with its denim skort and coordinating polo. This edgy and contemporary look seamlessly combines casual style with the functionality required for a day on the golf course. It’s a refreshing departure from traditional golf attire.


  1. Preppy Plaid:

Closing our list is the Preppy Plaid outfit by Katie Sigmond. The plaid skort paired with a crisp collared shirt exudes preppy charm while maintaining a flirty and modern edge. This outfit is a nod to tradition with a contemporary twist, showcasing Sigmond’s ability to blend the best of both worlds.


Katie Sigmond’s collection of flirty golf outfits has redefined the way golfers approach fashion on the course. With a perfect blend of style, comfort, and functionality, Sigmond’s creations have become a symbol of self-expression for golf enthusiasts. Whether you prefer the classic floral look or the bold prints that make a statement, there’s a Katie Sigmond outfit for every golfer looking to unleash their style on the greens. Embrace the flirty side of golf fashion and elevate your game with these stunning outfits designed by the visionary Katie Sigmond.